About Us

Who We Are​

Royal Caps house is a company that makes a statement with each of its products. It started in the year 1997 with the utmost motive and vision to be the best and to deliver the best. And once you start with a vision, the journey becomes beautiful.

We are wholly committed towards providing you with products according to your own requirements and wishes. We believe in what you want. Besides the fact that our products are undeniably stylish and modern, they are equally durable and reliable as well. We aim to strike a balance between form and function.
Be it a Laptop bag, backpack, office bag, travel bag, each product is unique and best in its own way.
Having more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing industry, which includes a strong, growing network of our buyers and happy customers, we are proud to be considered one of the pioneers in what we do best, that is designing and manufacturing bags.

A lot has changed over the years in terms of our innovations and strategies, but our attitude and core values of serving the customers remains unchanged. We can combine and adapt any of our services to meet your specific needs, deploying customized technology and designs.

It made us feel the utmost pride in being the official T-shirt supplier for International Yoga Day that was held on June 21, 2016.
All of our bags have been designed with you in mind. From hitting the trails for a hike or rushing to the office, we know that life moves fast, that’s why these bags are made to keep up.

It was our greatest pleasure to be the official T-shit supplier on the auspicious occasion of Yoga Day, held on 21 June 2018. Not only this, but AddXcessories was also proud to be the official merchandise supplier for the FIFA World Cup U-17 held on Sept 2017. Each day, we are achieving new horizons and setting new goals for the brighter future.

Why Us?

We are dedicated to ensuring total customer satisfaction through understanding and anticipating our customers’ needs and providing customized solutions utilizing our manufacturing and sourcing expertise.
Some of the reasons that helped us create a distinct image in the industry:

# Customer-centric
# Fast Delivery
# Transparent
# Affordable prices
# Wide network

Meet the Dream Team

We are a team of experienced people who are dedicated, innovative, ambitious, talented and driven. We understand your needs and are ready to be a part of your journey.Discarding the old rules of manufacturing, our team showcases new ideas and designs for those individuals and organizations who wish to reinvent their business and the future. For a diverse group of people with diverse needs, we bring a unique perspective to everything we do.

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